RS Weeder


Today manual labour for weeding has become very expensive while labour is getting more difficult to get. The Rumptstad Weeder solves this problem for one and for all! It’s simple and intelligent design makes it possible to apply round-up AFTER emergence of the crops.

The applicator has two skirts (steel plus plastic) which protect the crops from the non selective herbicide Round-up while all weeds between the rows of the crop are effectively killed in one single pass.

The skirts are easily adjustable to match different inter-row distances of the different crops. The Rumptstad Weeder is the ideal weeding tool for all crops like maize, cassava, sorghum, millet, groundnut, cowpea, cotton, etc. Any crop planted or sown in lines can now be treated cheaply and effectively. Weeding is becoming an easy and cheap operation instead of a costly, back breaking job!

The Rumptstad Weeder is made in two different configurations:

1. Application by spraying with a knapsack sprayer
2. Application by spot cloth

The first configuration has the advantage that it can be used also as single knapsack sprayer for other purposes than weeding in the rows. The disadvantage of this machine is of course that its has many moving parts (the pump in the knapsack sprayer and the wheel “motor”) and that it uses much more round-up than the configuration equipped with the spot application cloth (10 times as much!). The spot cloth applicator has no moving parts, uses very small amounts of round-up but is only effective as interrow applicator. Depending on the ultimate use, customers can now make their choice.

The skirts in both configurations can be easily adjusted without tools to cover a working width between 10 to 80 cm. The operator pushing the applicator walks behind the implement as there is little risk that his feet will touch the crop.




  • Field weeding capacity : 1 person, 1 hectare per 1-2 hrs
  • Working width : 25 – 80 cm, adjustable
  • Working height : touches all weeds between the rows
  • Tank capacity sprayer : 10 ltr
  • Tank capacity spot applicator : 10 ltr
  • Average use of Round-up : 1 liter per ha (spot applicator)

The use of our weeders in Mozambique gives good results: