Rumptstad has been producing and selling tractors, soil tillage and planting implements for the least 80 years. Its products in their distinct yellow coating are easily recognisable and Rumptstad products are re-known, worldwide, for their excellent quality. 

Rumptstad has developed, especially for West Africa and in close cooperation with African experts, a complete mechanisation package based around the power platform of the very innovative Rumptstad Thai Tractor. This power platform, combined with anRUMPTSTAD Thai Tractor incredible range of appropriate implements, is the perfect tool to drastically revolutionize life in the rural areas of Africa.
Soil tillage, seedbed preparation, sowing, weeding, ridging, harvesting like threshing, processing of crops, water pumping, transportation and electricity generation are just a few of the vast range of applications possible with Rumptstad’s Mechanisation Package.

The technology used by Rumptstad is simple, sturdy and of the highest possible quality fabrication in the Netherlands, a country which has proven beyond any doubt to be the world’s leader in agricultural production.
The Rumptstad technology is easy to use, training of operators takes but a couple of hours. No special knowledge or training is needed and the equipment can be used by women and men alike.

Maintenance and repairs are simple and can be done at village level without the need for special tools. Training for servicing and repairs can be done during a couple of days. The Rumptstad equipment is very well adapted and specifically designed to be operated at the grassroots level.

To reduce dependency on petrol and diesel, the engine of the Rumptstad Thai Tractor has been designed for the use of pure vegetable oils and/or biodiesel. Farmers have the possibility to grow their own fuel by planting any oil seed like sunflower, groundnut or Jatropha. Rumptstad sells the equipment to process these seeds into biofuel. Again base on their unique power platform, the Rumptstad Thai Tractor.

We are proud to inform you that our range of equipments and implements covers ALL ANNUAL CROPS grown in Africa, e.g. rice, maize, sorghum, millet, groundnuts, cotton, yams, cassava, Irish potato, beans, cowpea, etc., etc.

We have the perfect tool for each and every condition!