These are the successors to the original 'Monkey' jacks. One of these will uproot almost any tree. As it takes the roots out at the same time, the land is immediately available for agriculture. With two men it is possible to uproot trees up to 2 metres diameter. Clearing scrub and bush needs less power, and is quicker.

The power is unbelievable, and is all produced by the two operators. With more winches and more operators, large areas of land can quickly be cleared. The land for Jan Smuts Airport in South Africa was cleared this way. Land to make the Ivory Coast the largest grower of cocoa in the world, and significant producer of rubber, cotton and palm oil was all cleared with these winches. Used by rubber estates in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, timber growers in Ghana and Nigeria, it is entirely unique and unequaled. 

In Nigeria, where these winches are widely used in timber producing areas, they are used for a rather different purpose. Logs are rolled up sloping timbers onto lorries. The winch rope is then wrapped round the logs and the lorry chassis to secure them whilst the lorry takes them to the mill.

Included in the package is the winch and all its associated parts to provide you with a system able to clear anything from light shrub to the densest forest.