RS Ricefan Thresher


The Rumptstad VOTEX RiceFan is immensely popular in most African countries for now more than 30 years.RS Ricefan Thresher Formerly build by the company VOTEX of the Netherlands, this simple and very effective rice thresher is now manufactured in the Rumptstad factory in Holland but is also built under our licence in two locations in West Africa (Mali) where two different companies have a capacity of about 100 to 200 machines per year.

The RiceFan is light weight, can be easily transported by four persons or a donkey cart or with the Rumptstad trailer. It can be fitted with a small petrol engine or a small diesel engine but can also be driven by the engine of the Rumptstad Tractor.

The Rumptstad VOTEX Ricefan has a single cross flow threshing drum which, combined with the very long concave-sieve arrangement, allows very long straw or even wet rice to be threshed. The RiceFan works under any condition and reduces labour costs to a bare minimum.

For it small size the RiceFan has an amazing capacity. For example in Mali during the main harvest season (start of dry season during November-December), the Rice Fan owned by small groups of young people acting as agriculture service providers, thresh about 1,000 to 1,200 of cleaned paddy per hour. Under more humid conditions and with less experienced operators a capacity of about 400 - 600 kg of paddy per hour can still be reached.

Notwithstanding its small size and amazingly high capacity, the Remitted VOTEX Rice fan knows but very little threshing losses (abt 0.5 to 1.5%). The thresher is obligatory equipped with a large tarpaulin permitting the thresher teams to recuperate grains blown out through the exhaust. The paddy threshed can be winnowed by hand or by the small cleaning attachment which can be purchased as an option.

The Rice Fan can be changed into a wheat, barley, sorghum, soybean and even maize thresher by simply changing the beater bars on the threshing drum from a spike tooth bar to a rasper bar and by reducing the number of revolutions of the threshing drum (soybeans and maize). The capacity for sorghum and maize is higher than that for rice and can reach as much as 2,000 kg per hour.




  • Field capacity : 400 kg to 1,200 kg of paddy per hour
  • Overall width:   70 cm (petrol and diesel)
  • Overall length : 120 cm (petrol); 170 cm (diesel)
  • Overall height : 133 cm (petrol and diesel)
  • Weight : 151 kg (petrol); 194 kg (diesel)
  • Petrol engine : 4 KW at 3,600 rpm
  • Diesel engine : 4 KW at 3,000 rpm
  • Fuel consumption : 1 ltr per hr (petrol); 0.8 ltr per hr (diesel)


  • Made in Holland
  • Top quality design/parts/steel
  • Appropriate technology


  • Grain cleaning attachment
  • Rasper bars for wheat, barley, sorghum, soybeans, maize threshing