RS Small Weeder


From its own vast experiences in Europe, Rumptstad knows that weeding can be a very costly operation requiring a lot of manual labour. However effective weeding is extremely important to obtain good yields especially in rice cultivation.

Rumptstad’s Small Weeder is the answer to these problems: effective weeding while using a minimum of labour! The applicator consists of 2 discs, a reservoir for non selective herbicides like round-up in the pipe handle of the applicator and a spot applicator “rope” in between the two discs.

The Rumptstad Small Weeder allows weeding with Round-up AFTER emergence of the rice plants! The two discs protect the rice plants from the round-up while the weeds growing between the rows of rice are effectively killed by the round-up dripping from the applicator “rope”.  The applicator is easily pushed forward even by children. Weeding with Rumptstad’s herbicide applicator is fast and effective and turns weeding from a back breaking operation into an easy and pleasurable experience!

The use of spot application reduces the costs of round-up to less than 10% of the amount needed for spraying application.  The Rumptstad Small Weeder is a simple, solid and low cost implement which has an incredible impact on lowering costs and increasing yields. The applicator can be made in different sizes for different crops; 

Please note that the Rumptstad Small Weeder can only be used if the rice (or any other crop) has been sown/planted in lines! Please also note that the people pushing the applicator should always walk next to the machine and not behind the machine as their feet would get in touch with the round-up and consequently kill rice plants when their feet touch rice plants. We supply with every applicator a small bag of colouring grains (red colour). One grain per hectare is all that is needed to show where the spot applicator has been used.


Rumptstad Small Weeder with round up Rumptstad Small Weeder Rumptstad Small Weeder with hoeing blades
Small Weeder with Round-up Small Weeder Small Weeder with Hoeing blades



  • Field weeding capacity : 1 person, 1 hectare per 1-2 hrs
  • Working width : rice 20 – 22 cm, adjustable
  • Working height : touches all weeds higher than 1 cm
  • Tank capacity : in handle, one liter
  • Average use of Round-up : 1 liter per ha