RS Tractor

THE POWER BASIS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS!The RS Thai Tractor with tires equiped

The RS Tractor has proven to be an excellent tractor which can be easily maintained at village level. Specifically designed with Africa’s farmers and working conditions in mind, this amazingly powerful tractor offers simplicity combined with an excellent quality and competitive pricing. All of Rumptstad’s implements and equipments have been designed on the RS Tractor. A simple very tough, single cylinder Chinese built diesel engine of 10 to 12 HP is the power source. This type of engine is already widely used in Africa for rice and maize mills. Spare parts are relatively easy to obtain.

The tractor is equipped with a PTO (Power Take-Of) to drive the Rumptstad implements as the RS Power Hoe and the RS Power Harrow.

The RS Tractor has an amazing capacity and can be used the whole year round for water pumping, transportation, crop processing, electricity generation, welding, etc.  Rumptstad offers an exciting range of equipments to go with this workhorse.

RS Thai TractorThe RS Tractor has many great advantages:

- It seldom has a breakdown giving it a great capacity
- Affordable to even smallholder farmers
- Easily and cheaply maintained
- Small enough to go anywhere even without roads
- Provides income to any people as it can be used YEAR ROUND
- Great transportation capacity
- Is ready for the use of bio fuels like pure vegetable oil
- State Governments can reach all farmers in all LGA’s in a short time
- Leasing to agricultural service providers becomes a reality



- Simple
- Sturdy
- Low Maintenance
- High Performance
- Easy to operate
- Standard Hitchpoint
- Vast range of crop appropriate 
- Fuel efficient for use with
    - diesel
    - vegetable oil
    - biodiesel
- No need for good roads
- Ideal for farmgate transports
- Can work in ‘dirty’ farms
- Perfect for dry land farming
- Perfect for wet land farming

Power Basis for:
- Land Tillage
- Seedbed Preparation
- Sowing / Planting
- Ridging
- Harvesting
- Transport
- Processing
- Electricity
- Water Pumping

Solutions for all crops:
- Irrigated Rice
- Upland Rice
- Floodplain Rice
- Maize
- Groundnut
- Cassava
- Millet, Sorghum
- Please contact us for other
  crop applications


Basic Implements: 


RS Power Hoe
The Rumptstad Power Hoe is a unique soil tillage implement which has been developed specifically for the African soils and working conditions.
RS Power Harrow
The shaking movement of the double row of tines fragments all clods left behind by the RS Power Hoe and leaves a fine, smooth and perfect seed bed.
RS Rice Seed Drill
Rice yields depend on the farmer's capability to suppress weeds. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a Rice Seed Drill with a working width of 1.50m with 6 seed pipes, drilling rice seeds at an inter row distance of 18 to 20 cm.
RS Precision Planter
For Africa's major crops in upland farming Rumptstad has developed a precision planter. As an option the planter can be equipped with a (dry) fertiliser application attachment.
RS Trailer
The RS Trailer has also been designed with the African farming conditions in mind. The large platform permits transportation of high volume/low weight crops and can also be used to load several implements at the same time.


Other RUMPTSTAD implements for the RS Tractor:


RS Power Ridger
RS Ridger
RS Windrower Power Mower
RS Groundnut Sheller
RS Cassava Lifter
RS Maize Sheller
RS Ricefan

RS Archimedes Water Pump
RS Centrifugal Water Pump
RS Grainfan
RS Spot Weeder
RS Power Weeder
RS Genset
RS Oil Expeller