Mechanisation solution for irrigated rice with puddling and transplanting

RUMPTSTAD B.V. offers African farmers the perfect mechanisation package for rice grown under irrigation with puddling and transplanting. The mechanisation solution we present is based on the RS Thai tractor, the ideal power platform for irrigated rice cultivation. Appropriate technology at its best.

Our mechanisation package consists of high quality but low cost equipment with a high field capacity, reducing labour costs to a minimum. Our package covers all operations from soil tillage, puddling, levelling, harvesting till transportation and offers a true complete solution to all your mechanisation needs in irrigated and transplanted rice.

Irrigated rice cultivation
We at Rumptstad know that high rice yields do not only depend on the choice of variety and use of fertilisers. High rice yields are only possible if you as farmer are capable of suppressing weeds. And to suppress weeds in transplanted irrigated rice you must be capable of levelling your land to effectively control the layer of water in your rice fields. The young rice seedlings transplanted in a layer of water will survive and thrive, weeds do not.

Rumptstad is the ONE STOP manufacturer who can provide you with a COMPLETE set of implements to do the job:

Ploughing after pre-irrigating your land: RS Power Hoe
With the RS Power Hoe you get a perfect mixing of your soil with plant residues while your soil is turned over, aerated and weeds are uprooted, left on top of the tilled soil for the farmer to collect and burn. The RS Power Hoe is the first important step in suppressing weeds! The RS Power Hoe has no problem incorporating crop residues into the soil at an amazing capacity for its small size. With only 10 to 12 HP you can plough one acre in just a couple of hours!

Puddling: RS Puddler
Directly after tilling the soil with the RS Power Hoe the farmer can again pre-irrigate his land and this time with sufficient water to get a 5 to 10 cm layer of water on it. The RS Thai Tractor is fitted with the steel wheels and can work without any problem in the water! Where no other tractor can go the RS Thai Tractor goes without any hesitation! The RS Puddler is essential to turn the soil of the rice field into a very fluid mud.

Levelling: RS Levelling Board
The liquid mud made with the RS Puddler needs to be “moved” around the rice field for which operation we propose the RS Levelling Board.  The liquefied mud, as all liquids will do, will seek a horizontal plane and by the action of moving around with the levelling board the land is levelled. Simple but very effective implements.

Transplanting can be done by hand with labour. Labour will effectively work under any condition, a transplanting machine has, as yet, not been developed which will work under all circumstances.

The good soil tillage effected with the RS Power Hoe and the perfect levelling of the rice field with the RS Puddler and RS Levelling Board will allow the farmers to suppress all weeds by controlling water levels in their rice fields within a range of a couple of centimetres.

Irrigation: RS Archimedes Pump and RS Centrifugal Pump
In those cases where irrigation by gravity is unavailable, Rumptstad offers to its customers, two different types of water pumps. The first pump, the RS Archimedes Pump is a low-pressure head/ high volume pump, which can pump vast quantities of irrigation water over short distances and with low lifting capacity (pressure head). The RS Archimedes Pump is only employed where the water only needs to be lifted a couple of meters, but where high volumes are called for (large acreages).

The RS Centrifugal Pump is used where relatively small volumes of water need to be pumped over a longer distance and over a greater height. The RS Centrifugal Pump is capable of lifting water from a depth of max 5 meters on the suction side and lifts the water to a maximum of 30 meters and still pumps a volume of 40,000 litres of water per hour.

Rumptstad advises to use the RS Archimedes Pump for the irrigation of relatively large rice fields and to use the RS Centrifugal Pump when smaller area’s need water, for instance for vegetables, tomatoes, onions and any other high value horticultural crop. Both pumps are driven by V-belt from the main pulley of the diesel engine of the RS Thai Tractor and are mounted on their own frames.

Harvesting: RS Windrower Power Mower and RS Ricefan
Rumptstad proposes two labour-saving implements to bring in the harvest in time. The first operation is to cut the rice and put the rice haulms into windrows for further drying. The RS Windrower Power Mower will do this job quickly and with minimum efforts. The power mower is coupled to the RS Thai Tractor and drive by its diesel engine.

Once the rice haulms in the windrows have sufficiently dried, the farmers will build threshing heaps with labour in the field. The next operations, threshing and winnowing will be done with the RS Ricefan thresher that has a capacity of 800 kg of paddy per hour. The RS Ricefan has its own 5 HP petrol engine but can also be powered by the RS Thai tractor diesel engine in case of need. After threshing, additional manual winnowing will clean the rice sufficiently for transportation to the villages.

Transportation: RS Trailer
The RS Thai Tractor can be delivered with a 2.5 tons trailer. Farmers can transport their paddy rice from the field to the village without the backbreaking work of carrying it by head. The RS Thai Tractor either with its rubber tyres or with its steel wheels fixed is capable of travelling over any road or trail. The RS Thai Tractor can even pass small creeks if the water level is not higher than the underside of the engine frame (35 cm) and if the riverbed is firm enough.

RS Thai Tractor with Trailer